• Phase 2

    The noses token will be our first airdrop, it is an NFT that will allow you to claim the physical copy of your blacknose.

    Grape verification and Discord for the holders



    Phase 1

    Create a website and a discord server

    Launch the rarity chart

    Mint all the blacknoses

    Get listed on the main marketplaces

    Start with the weekly auctions of the limited editions

    Our rarity chart will be conformed by four main cathegories: common noses, rare, ultrarare and limited edition. This last cathegory won´t be available in the mint but in weekly auctions. Those blacknoses will be very special: great pictures, clay figures or some with a really weird design.

    Noses token airdrop

    While all the things mentioned before are happening, we will be working on the grape verification in order to create a holder community that can lead in our future decisions.