Welcome to Blacknoses

Mint is live

Fully handmade art

Our designs are created by professionals in the sector with decades of experience. Blacknoses are drawn on a high quality paper with watercolors.

We want to bring value to our holders

You’re not just getting a blacknose. What you get is an entry to our future plans, as well as an invitation to our community.

We will airdrop a token, the noses token, it allows you to claim the physical version of your NFT, as well as any future airdrops. It will also act as a ticket for our upcoming gallery, where our artists will post their works (you will get them for free if you hold one of those tokens).


These are some blacknoses

Look at that malicious laugh

Is he laughing at the moon?

Such a cool outfit

Or those suspicius eyes

Don´t forget that spicy smile

What a great athlete

We’re a NFT collection hosted on the solana blockchain.

Try our keen sense of smell

Any questions? Check our FAQ